About FISD Professional Certification

Launched in 2010 with the FISD Financial Information Associate (FISD FIA) exam, the FISD professional certification program helps market and reference data practitioners establish their industry credentials.

Available Certifications

FISD FIA: Based on a syllabus which FISD developed in close consultation with experts, the FISD FIA exam assesses knowledge in four key areas:

  • Markets
  • Data
  • Technology
  • Issues and Trends

Candidates complete a rigorous 150-question multiple choice test at any one of 900+ global testing centers. Each individual who achieves a score of at least 75% earns:

  • The right to use the post-nomial “FIA” to signal their expertise to clients, colleagues, and industry peers.
  • A handsome wooden plaque.
  • Induction into in the FISD FIA Directory.

For more detailed information about the FISD FIA exam, please visit the FISD FIA website.

Data Licensing: Coming Fall 2017 — stay tuned for updates!